Rodent Proofing in Escondido, CA

rodent proofing atticRodents and other pests may be small, but they can do a tremendous amount of damage in a very short amount of time. If they get into your attic, there’s no telling how fast they’ll make themselves comfortable and what damage will follow. For protection against these tenacious little critters, make sure you’re calling The Attic Depot.

We specialize in rodent proofing in Escondido, CA, defending your home against critters who want to make it their own. We seal your attic against mice, rats, squirrels and other rodents, keeping them outside where they belong.

Rodent Inspections

At a glance, it can be hard to tell if there are rodents nesting in your attic. Before you go digging through batting or trying to crawl around looking for signs of rodent life, give us a call. We know the signs to look for and can provide definitive insight into the status of your attic. If there are rodents, we’ll know. Count on us to determine the scope and severity of the infestation before you make your next move.

Sanitization Services

Once you’ve hired an exterminator or rodent specialist to get the pests out of your attic, give us a call for sanitation services. There’s a reason rodents have a reputation for being dirty—it’s because they are! They’ll leave behind droppings, chewed material, urine and even dead rodents long after they’re gone—all of which require proper sanitization. Before we get to work repairing and reinsulating, we’ll sanitize everything to stop the spread of germs and disease.

Insulation and Repairs

With rodents out of the way, count on us for repairs and reinsulating. We’ll get your attic back into tip-top shape and make sure the problems caused by your unwanted houseguests aren’t lasting. Our team covers the entirety of your attic, so you can be sure nothing is getting overlooked.

Rodent Proofing

The final step of rodent remediation and prevention is rodent proofing service in Escondido, CA. Ensuring all of the access points and entryways into your attic are closed up is imperative for preventing future infestations. We’ll examine every square inch of the attic to make sure holes are patched, cracks are filled and suspect areas are dealt with.

Get Help Today

Don’t let your attic become a haven for rodents! Give The Attic Depot a call today and let us make sure your attic is getting the complete attention it deserves. Reach us at 858-769-9079.

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