Insulation Services in Escondido, CA

attic insulationInsulation is the only thing standing between the comfortable climate in your home and the temperatures outside. Retaining the forced air put out by your HVAC system is important in maintaining comfort at all times. Unfortunately, if your attic insulation in Escondido, CA isn’t effective at mitigating heat loss, your entire HVAC system is going to have to work harder than it needs to.

If you’re paying too much to keep your home comfortable, it’s time to contact The Attic Depot. We’ll assess your attic insulation, remove subpar insulation and install new material that works to effectively slow heat loss. It’s a process that’ll ultimately benefit your comfort, HVAC integrity and energy bills.

Attic Assessments

Without hiring a professional, it’s hard to identify where your attic insulation is living up to expectations and where it’s falling short. Let our team go through and pinpoint areas that need improvement, providing advice on what needs to be done to correct heat loss. We’ll show you where the insulation is damaged or missing, or where better product might improve your home’s R-value.

Insulation Removal

Before new insulation can be installed, the old, ineffective attic insulation in Escondido, CA needs to be ripped out. We save you the trouble of having to rip out, haul away and properly dispose of old batting. Watch as our team works quickly and carefully to strip your attic of poor insulation in preparation for an energy efficient upgrade.

Insulation Installation

Once your attic is stripped to the studs, our insulation experts will go through and install modern energy efficient material to help combat heat loss. Not only do we properly install best-in-class insulation products, we go the extra mile to correct any damages or issues that may reduce the impact of your new insulation, including patching holes or sealing cracks.

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Is it time for new insulation in your attic? Contact The Attic Depot today and let us assess your attic’s efficiency, then remove and replace your existing insulation with material that’s ready to do a better job. Reach us today at 858-769-9079 to schedule an appointment.

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