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The Attic Depot has been providing Southern California with top quality services for nearly a decade. We specialize in insulation installation, air duct repair and replacement and pest-proofing your attic space. Everything we do is focused on being energy efficient to save you money and keep your home comfortable and affordable! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Protect Your Home From the Top Down

Your attic may not be the most-used space in your home, but that doesn’t make it any less important! In fact, it’s crucially important to pay close attention to your attic because of its impact on protecting your home. It’s the place where heat loss can occur and drive up HVAC costs, as well as a prime area for rodent and other pest problems to take root. To prevent these types of issues from threatening your home, rely on The Attic Depot to give your attic the attention it deserves.

As a seasoned insulation contractor in Escondido, CA, we have the ability to assess your attic for any potential problems—then, we work hard to provide insulation and rodent-proofing solutions that keep it safe.

Have a pest problem in your attic?

In addition to energy efficiency, we specialize in protecting your attic from rodents and other infestations.

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Trust US with your Home

By paying close attention to all of the important aspects of your attic—the insulation, ducting and entry points—we’re able to address problems before they have a chance to take hold. By improving your insulation installation in Escondido, CA, we’ll work to minimize heat loss and reduce the strain put on your HVAC system and energy costs. By repairing and reworking ducting, we’ll prevent forced air inefficiencies from arising. And, by closing up entry points, we’ll keep rats, mice, squirrels and other rodents outside where they belong. You might not spend much time thinking about your attic, but at The Attic Depot, it’s all we’re thinking about! Let us help you protect it right.

  • Our goal is first and foremost energy efficiency. Through our services, we aim to lower your heating and cooling costs, while maximizing HVAC efficiency.
  • We’re a locally-owned and -operated company dedicated to bringing maximum value to every customer we serve by enhancing their home.
  • We’re a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rated company that maintains a stellar rating and favorable reviews from our customers.
  • Our team uses only quality materials and never cuts corners while working on your home. We stand by every job we do and guarantee satisfaction.

Optimize Your Attic

Whether to promote better HVAC efficiency or keep rodents and other pests at bay, The Attic Depot is your premier resource for protecting your attic. Contact us to schedule an appointment!

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